Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey I went on a real vacation!

National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Literally we were baking on this terrace.

I attended middle school here (in Taichung area) when my family moved back to Taiwan. I had to relearn Chinese from scratch (and was left back one grade as a result), but in a few year's time, Chinese literature was my best subject. (In picture, the sign shows that the school is now a middle and high school.)

Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan

You know, the kind of vacation for which you...

- compulsively pack and repack, make endless trips to buy souvenirs and every possible toiletry item you might need but packed in different ways to satisfy the air travel safety police,

- show up and relatives chauffeur you around nonstop to beautiful natural sights via death-defying taxi rides through packed city streets and narrow mountain roads and feed you heavenly food (for free, unless you count the price of your life at stake on aforementioned taxi rides),

- visit places where you lived and played as a child that bear some or no resemblance to your memories, and

- reunite with family members, somehow manage to speak the native language of your childhood (Mandarin Chinese) with enough fluency to impress the natives, meet new relatives (result of marriage and childbirth), and

- suffer Post-Travel Depression upon your return.

So I'm very sorry for going on a blogging vacation without notice in addition to the "real vacation" described above! I'm adding a few pics just to share a taste of the sights and sounds and emotions during this 10 day trip. I could write a book about everything that happened, so for now I just want to apologize for disappearing with no notice and say "happy summer vacation" to everyone!


only a movie said...

Wow, how cool. That's a pretty impressive vacation. So happy for you. Love the photos.

Sue said...

What a beautiful trip!!! It's always hard to come back from a great experience like that... I'm glad you had fun!

Yuriko said...

So great! Glad you had a great time! Me jealous!

Sarah said...

So great to get back to your roots :) Glad you had fun!

Ms. H said...

That trip sounds FANTASTIC!!! I'm glad you got to take some time off and go "home" again -- I'm sure it helped recharge your batteries for all that superhero stuff you do as a teacher. *sigh* Now I REALLY want to take a trip to Missouri.... ;)

Sydney said...

what a trip!

Anonymous said...