Saturday, October 17, 2009

suzanne collins please finish the third book!!!

I'm absolutely obsessed with The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, can you tell? I screamed at the end of Catching Fire - how could she leave me hanging like that?!?!?!


Ms. George said...

I'm so going to have to read this now. One of my sixth graders was reading it and told me he thought I'd like it. Then my fellow 7th grade teacher was reading it... and now you! Hope your year is going fine. I'm going to Philly for NCTE!

roller coaster teacher said...

Crazy busy year, ups and downs, no in between! Hope your year is going well, Ms. George! NCTE will be fabulous!!!

Eric said...

I agree with you, I CANT wait for the Hunger Games and Catching Fire. However check out this fansite it might relieve you from some of your anxiousness