Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What I really just wanted to say was that here are some really funny (because they're true AND make me laugh) commentaries about style and fashion
Thanks to WendyB for introducing me to both (I think) of the above!  I don't think I've ever (hardly?) mentioned here my obsession with style and fashion, so now you know!

Plus I want to throw in that work is very busy of really good stuff, like
  • starting a research unit, the topic of which is teen nutritional health (because I think my students have tragically poor knowledge and sense about their nutritional health, even though I'm no expert, but they might as well learn something practical in addition to research and writing skills), and possibly using the Flip Video to create "public service announcements" about teen nutrition
  • introducing the reading comprehension and critical thinking software called GamCo with 8th grade students and colleagues today, meanwhile learning pondering the uses of the software myself
PLUS PLUS my favorite sports team on the planet the Buffalo Sabres are having an excellent season so far YAY!!!!!!!


WendyB said...

You're welcome! Happy new year!

Literacy Teacher said...

In my summer grad class at UB for lit in the content areas, we watched a clip from "Supersize me." We then had to plan classroom ideas for a middle school setting related to the video. One student suggested a "poetry slam" about nutrition. I also liked the idea of a zine !
Have fun with this lesson!

roller coaster teacher said...

LT - my Ed.M. is from UB :) and I took a content area literacy course - can't remember prof's name, but she was adjunct and EXCELLENT instructor! I loved movie Supersize Me, so enlightening and gross. Hm, I'll think about showing in class...