Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK holiday

May hope for peace and justice fill your days.

A quick update on my nutrition research unit - my two 7th grade classes were in the school library all week. Hectic but productive. A really long week, tiring, but fruitful. Online and book research requirements were basic and not hard to meet. Next week onward to creating and conducting surveys and action research.

Some fun projects with the 8th graders. My "AIS" remedial classes read short stories and poems, stayed on task, focused on figures of speech. (We read "Broken Chain" and "Oranges" by Gary Soto and "The Treasure of Lemon Brown".)  My push-in/AIS classes worked on a literary device vocabulary unit, created short teaching skits for the literary devices, and their primary ELA teacher used the Flip Video to record - fun!


Literacy Teacher said...

I love Gary Soto !! I love teaching poetry too... SO JEALOUS of what you were doing last week!!
I read your "tweet" about Glee... I am obsessed with that show! They were all on my DVR for the longest time! LOL

Urban School Teacher said...

Great blog background- makes mine look *even more* dull and uninspiring!