Monday, February 22, 2010

good day, bad evening

Great first day back to school from break, despite the fact that my lesson planner is still missing. My classes went well, my massive book order arrived, and it was generally a smooth day. (Our district allowed our department to order novels/individual books in lieu of textbooks this year! We haven't ordered textbooks in years, and finally last fall a colleague asked, so can we use textbook money to buy books for students to read? I ordered 90 titles from Perma-bound, a mix of fiction, nonfiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, memoirs, sci fi and fantasy, graphic novels, etc. I'm soooo excited to book talk them out the classroom door!)

At home, despite a decent dinner start, my high spirits from the school day plummeted. My family/household unit is not large, just one husband, one daughter, one mother-in-law who has Alzheimer's. But I ran out of energy and interest in taking care of someone other than me.

So today I am full of energy and enthusiasm for my work life, and full of selfish resentment for my home life.

PS - Go USA Hockey!!!


Literacy Teacher said...

Your book order sounds wonderful! I dream of working in a school that teaches using trade books!

I can relate to the work life thing. It is just the DH and me. We have a lot of fun together, but Sometimes I wonder if we will ever have a kido to spice things up!

I think the grumpiness is coming from the weather.. no sun, no fresh air. A lot of people seem to be ready for the snow to go away and spring to REALLY be here!

Hope today was better!!

roller coaster teacher said...

Thank you! Today really was better. This evening, too :)