Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new books!


With the help of a small class of students, all these books are stamped, numbered, cataloged, and ready for distribution! My catalog system is this: each book's title and number are written on an index card. When borrowing books, students write their names and date on the index cards. They have to return the books to me, and I will write the return dates on the card). I'm going to keep close watch on the books - no open book shelf system.

I made these piles according to alphabetical order by title (that's how I numbered the books) during the numbering process, and you can see several of the graphic novel biographies. Most of the 90 titles I ordered were fiction (different genres), but I really tried to find nonfiction titles and ordered some memoirs and biographies. I'm not sure how interesting the graphic biographies will be for students - we'll see!

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