Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is excellent!

Day 1 in Two Acts:

Act One - My morning announcement debut at school was poetry reading "Introduction to Poetry" by Billy Collins. Happy National Poetry Month!!!

Act Two - After many hours of puzzlement and pondering (because trickery is really not my nature), I told one class (one of 2 remedial/AIS courses) that today was their last class with me, and they would go back to study hall next week because I have a new group of students to help pass the state assessment. Then I said, as a treat because this is your last class, I'm showing the "Mountains" DVD of the Discovery Channel Planet Earth series. This group of students never did want to be in my class at all (well, how would YOU feel if you had to take your least favorite class TWICE a day, every other day?) and more than a few cheered the announcement loudly.  I'm terrible at keeping secrets, and the next half hour was really tough to keep my poker face during the video (excellent series, btw), but I did it! And when I announced APRIL FOOL, wow, they were really surprised and chagrined! One girl who is just the most cooperative student in the class (quite unlike the others) sounded really put out, and I felt guilty for tricking her, but only her!

Day 2 - No school! I've planned a visit with friends to the Broadway Market, local favorite holiday market in Buffalo that should be PACKED on Good Friday.


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Sarah said...

I'm so jealous about the ipad!! ;)