Friday, May 7, 2010

NYC author book signing

One of our NYC trip highlights: We met a real live writer Sonya Chung who published her debut novel Long for This World in March 2010! And she signed our book!

Sensationalist punctuation aside, Sonya is our friend whom I met in college many moons ago. Here's our "book signing" at The Mill, a Korean restaurant on Broadway near Columbia University where we met for lunch. I really meant to stage this public sidewalk greeting for our first meeting after her novel published: "OMG IT'S THAT FAMOUS WRITER SONYA CHUNG! I LOVE YOUR NOVEL LONG FOR THIS WORLD!!!" But we were already seated inside the restaurant when Sonya arrived, and there were few other patrons to impress, so I chickened out, SORRY!  In this picture, my daughter exhibited her book nerd legacy and watched with excitement a REAL LIVE AUTHOR sign her book!

For some reason, I think I've written about Sonya's novel in this blog, but my memory is fuzzy about this. Here is a great interview with Sonya about her writing life that I enjoyed reading very much.

I must credit Sonya with the start of my blogging life! She is THE person who introduced me to blogging almost 3 years ago.

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Sarah said...

How cool is that! My own husband is the one who introduced me to blogging. He started blogging after he read an article about it in a newspaper :)