Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bus ride

Annual tradition at our middle school: principal asks teacher volunteers to ride student buses taking students home on the last day of school year, typically a half day. Driving force that created tradition: deter vandalism and other misdeeds. Of course such teacher presence on the buses has a positive community-building nature in addition to crime deterrence.

Wednesday was the last day of student attendance, and I rode a bus. Just a random pick. Classic pattern: sit in front, friendly chats with driver and quiet sixth graders, plus stern admonitions for squirrelly kids (sitting far from me) prone to throw objects and body parts at each other. Always fascinating to see them approach their homes, separating from school peers. I can't stop thinking about the one quiet girl who told me, in response to my queries, that she has no plans to play with other kids (none in neighborhood, she lives in apartment, she said) or take any trips or visit family or do anything interesting.

So I hereby send wishes of fun and safe adventures to that girl and every other child on summer vacation!

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