Monday, June 14, 2010

Never enough

There are never enough vacation days to do nothing, just like there are never enough school days to build the life skills of reading and writing.

5 more full school days, with several final exams and some movie periods built in, plus 2 mornings of only exams. Then 2 "records days" to churn out grades. Finally, 3 staff development days because we're really focused on professional learning and development during the last 3 days of June!

Wrapped up the portfolio assessment today. One last independent reading assignment this week: write short book review and post on (great classroom resource!).


Sarah said...

Yuck! Hang in there!

Literacy Teacher said...

Love your new blog set up! I can so relate to the fact that there is so few days to teach reading. My first graders are NOT READY to leave me ... At least I feel confident about two of my fifth graders, but not the rest!

I hope you have a wonderful last few days.... I am counting down too!

Stacey said...

So much to do at the end of the year! Hopefully you're on the verge of a relaxing summer vacation.

Sarah said...

I hope you enjoy your summer break :)