Thursday, July 29, 2010

anticipation, summer writing camp update

No lie: I'm starting to panic.

I haven't written any concrete plans yet. I probably jotted down notes in my personal journal. (That's my habit, even for school plans/lessons. If I'm in brainstorming mode, I jot ideas in the personal journal. Good way to fill up that journal AND feel productive about "real work".) I wrote a post about it for this blog.

I know what materials to use. Yep, I jotted that down in my journal. That's why I can give you specifics:
- Portfolio folder, simple 2-pocket folder, cover to be decorated, inside to contain 2 things:
- writer's notebook, with both plain and lined pages, that I will have to make because I don't usually see that kind of notebook in stores, maybe 20 pages, enough to write in some good ideas and details aka raw material for formal writing pieces, but neither daunting nor wasteful.
- finished, presentation-ready writing piece(s)
- pens, pencils, lined paper, blank paper, color pencils and markers

I have scheduled 6 sessions over 2 week period, 2 hours each session. (This is my dream "block scheduling" that seems unattainable in my school/work life. Will block scheduling work with three 5 year olds and three 9 year olds? We'll see!)

I planned to read and produce 2 genres: poetry and memoir. I realized today that every time I tried to focus on specific lesson plans, I KNOW that's too much to cover and hence panic. Although I hate to give up either, I will keep memoir. Making an executive decision is soooo liberating! I credit/blame this attitude to my being an only child.

Update: My daughter came home from soccer practice after I posted the above, and when I told her I decided instead of poetry and memoir, we would only cover one, and she immediately replied, "Oh yay! Poetry! I love poetry!" Hm. So now I'm undecided. I'm thinking about how easy it is to obtain sample poetry vs sample memoir, to write poetry vs memoir for 9 and 5 year olds. Suggestions?


Sarah said...

Memoir might be easier for children to write -- everybody always loves to talk about themselves :). Either way it will be a great experience for them!

roller coaster teacher said...

Thanks for your input, Sarah! I'm going to stick to memoir - aka "me" stories!