Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer writing camp

This was a little dream of mine that materialized last summer. I wanted to lead a small group of children, including my daughter, our neighbors, and a few friends, to create little writing portfolios via workshop style. Summer is such a laid-back, easy-going time for us - why not take advantage of the our leisurely days to play AND write?

The picture above was taken at my daughter's third grade class "memoir celebration" in June. The full subtitle (part of which I cropped out) was "a memoir is a walk into a life". These students wrote two memoir pieces and created illustrations, and their magnificent teacher (*sniff* I miss her!) compiled all the writings and illustrations in a book. Each child has a copy of that book!

Memoirs/personal narratives and poetry are two writing genres that I love to teach in workshop style. So right now I'm preparing to lead six children (three 9-year old girls and three 5-year old girls) to create their own little self-illustrated books of nature poetry and memoir stories. One mom is an art teacher who will share some art techniques. ISN'T THAT COOL?!?!

This will be the first summer "WORK" that I've done since I became a teacher 7 years ago, not counting child care, with practically no pressure because it's SUMMER (and I'm not charging any $$$). We're going to work outside as much as possible in our front/back yards. I'm going to incorporate games, of course!!! Stay tuned :)


Literacy Teacher said...

That sounds so awesome! I cannot wait to read all about it!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

What a lovely idea. That sounds like such fun. Thanks for the support over on my blog too. I've actually been doing my summer work with the National Writing Project, a group specifically designed for enhancing the work of teachers as writers, writing teachers, and leaders in their teaching communities. I could lead you towards a site near you if you want to know more send me an e-mail at thriftyschoolmarm@hotmail.com

roller coaster teacher said...

Thanks, ladies!

Kathryn, the National Writing Project seems fantastic, though very intense! I know about the local Buffalo group - maybe someday :)

Sarah said...

This sounds like a fun summer project! Let us know how it all turns out ;)

Amy said...

what a fabulous idea! summer is such a perfect time to try out new things like that--how great that you are both willing to give your time and have people to take you up on the offer! i'm looking forward to hearing more about how it goes!