Monday, August 23, 2010


There. I just wanted to say the word here. I've been tweeting about it, commented on Facebook and linked to video of Suzanne Collins reading aloud the first chapter, searched for tweets that contain the word. I've re-read the last 7 chapters of Catching Fire and learned I forgot most of the first 2 books DUH so had to read Wikipedia plot summary LAME.

My copy is in transit from Kentucky, thanks a lot FREE Super Saver Shipping Even the tracking system says "don't bother checking too often, you won't get update for the next 3 days, it's ON the way, lady". THANKS.

Oh yeah, just noticed I took a week off blogging, huh? The Main Event of last week was my chauffeur job during Nature Camp at our local Buffalo Zoo, catering to the transportation needs of two 9 year olds, my daughter and her best friend/our next door neighbor. They had fun and learned many new things about animals, including humans, especially boys in their group that chanted, "Girls go to Jupiter to get stupider, boys go to college to get more knowledge".

During the 6 hours between camp drop-off and pick-up, I contemplated the many ways in which this fun and educational nature camp did NOT provide content literacy, aka one of my education pet peeves. Just make a simple, daily one-page newsletter to send home with the campers - "Here's what we learned today!" Add a few charts, puzzles, FAQs, TA-DA! CONTENT LITERACY!

Every day the drive home from camp involved questions (repeated in various forms) from yours truly about what the girls read (mostly nothing, not even a nature/science/animal book) and what they wrote (nothing, except their names on drawings they made, using crayons). HELLO these are very literate girls entering fourth grade!!!



Gaffney said...

Now that's just silly - everyone knows that one of the best higher education institutes in the galaxy is located on the Galilean Moons of Jupiter. Now if girls went to Neptune, I'd understand the insult.

Go, content literacy!

Miss Teacher said...

My copy of Mockingjay is still in transit in Kentucky too! Ahhh I can't wait!!! :)

Mrs. V said...

One of my 6th graders was reading Mocking Jay during Reading Workshop today. It was fun to see a copy out!

Anonymous said...

Read it yesterday. Liked it until the end. Won't spoil it for you, but not pleased with certain character development and what felt like a rush to tie everything up.

roller coaster teacher said...

My copy arrived last Thursday, tried to read it slowly in the afternoon/evening, then gobbled it all up and finished 3am Friday :) Will review soon.