Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ready for summer writing camp!

[photo deleted]

This is our dining table and room, ready for my campers who may start to arrive in about 15 minutes! My daughter (above pic) is preparing a "sample" folder cover. My plan for this Day 1 of camp is to introduce the writing folder and writer's notebook, design covers for both, chat about memoir (as "me" story, "remember" story, etc.), read a few examples, write a bit in the notebook.

The writer's notebook is a place to collect our ideas (aka "writing territories") on paper - bits and pieces about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, personal experiences, opinions, etc. It serves as a mine of writing topics and details. I created the notebooks from 11 sheets of blank copy paper, folded in half, stapled, drew lines on alternate pages. (The 5 year olds have more blank space than lined space.)

THEY'RE HERE! Gotta go!!!

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