Monday, August 9, 2010

summer wake-up

Today was my summer wake-up moment. This morning I was chatting with two other moms, and one said, "3 weeks left of summer vacation! Can't end soon enough!"

*GASP* Just 3 weeks left? Quick check of calendar told me I have 4 weeks. WHEW. Still. Gotta enjoy every single moment :D

Summer writing workshop update: I'm losing steam, I admit, halfway through. The younger children present more challenges than I have energy and interest to conquer. I do enjoy seeing the older ones cruise along merrily in their writing!

Soccer season has begun for us! My husband coaches my daughter's team (town "house" league, she's age 9). Here's a 12 second video of the torrential rain just before the end of the first quarter, after which time thunder and lightning shut the whole thing down. Thankfully. This is her first rain-out in her third year of soccer, and we now feel fully inducted in soccer life. (The rain was so ridiculous and funny, except I was deathly afraid it would kill my iPhone 4 that recorded this moment. You can sort of see the players on the field, the coaches on the other side holding umbrellas, and of course see MY colorful umbrella and HEAR the rain.)

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Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I am starting to panic a little bit about the lack of summer left. I started doing actual practical work yesterday and even thought about going in to school to set up! sigh.