Saturday, September 4, 2010

District 13

Our town's volunteer fire department runs the annual Labor Day fair, an event that we've all attended and enjoyed before. But attending the demolition derby at this fair was a first for me, my husband (who grew up attending this annual event) and daughter, and our friends/the family who lives next door.

The audience has standing views only, so while we jockeyed for a good spot, we sent our 9 year old girls forward to stand behind the row of people sitting in lawn chairs. Yes, we knew there was some type of barrier (later I learned it was concrete), but we didn't think about flying car parts or out-of-control cars until AFTER the girls were firmly settled. I didn't even have the chance to teach her any defensive maneuvers, like DUCK!!! This caused me much anxiety amidst the otherwise fun atmosphere, but I'm very thankful no one was hurt!!!

My own "bad mother moment" aside, I was absolutely stunned to see one car with "District 13" painted on the side. All the cars have the fire company town name painted on them, along with various slogans and decor. But District 13? As in The Hunger Games? I couldn't believe my eyes! Then someone said it may be that fire department's district number, which made more sense than random literary connection at a fire fighter's demolition derby.

District 13 - WON!!! The pics show two last cars facing each other - Ellicott Creek Fire Department and Snyder Fire Department. The latter caught on fire soon after that face-off picture was taken, so DISTRICT 13 was the last car running! (As soon as the Snyder car caught fire, sirens sounded, people yelled, fire fighters rushed over, the driver was pulled out, lots of fire extinguishers used, etc. I guess that's why a fire fighter demolition derby is ironic.)

My daughter (short brown ponytail) next to her friend (blond pontail) had great views. Crashing cars in small field... next time, my kid will not be that close.

Last 2 cars in middle of picture

I overhead someone in the chicken dinner line (oh I didn't mention we ate FABULOUS chicken dinner and clam chowder?! Tomato-based clam chowder, the BEST I've had in a long time, thanks!!!) say the driver of this winning car (with trophy) was the fire chief of that fire department.

Resting derby cars during dinner time. See "District 13" painted on the side of the white car?!

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