Monday, September 6, 2010

last day of summer 2010

That's me on the beach of Lake Ontario, our last visit of 2010

Here's the Book Whisperer's article "how to accelerate a reader" that will jump start English teachers everywhere to celebrate the start of a new school year!

To help me celebrate, I'm keeping today as low-key and boring as possible, which will help me look forward to WORKING again, i.e. 6am alarm clock setting, professional work attire, structured schedule, a PAYCHECK.  (I revised the title of this post from "summer vacation" to "summer" because unemployment is not the same as vacation!)

NOT helping me today in the pursuit of boring is last night's Mad Men episode. I'm crazy about the series and especially this most recent, most STUNNING and FANTASTIC episode full of yelling, fighting, and crying. Many online fans keep me company today, such as the bloggers and commenters on Basket of Kisses.

Otherwise, let's keep it low-key and boring enough to make me go to bed early, such as before 11pm, to catch up on sleep.


Literacy Teacher said...

I am in the same mode as you!

Good luck on your first.

Literacy Teacher said...

* first day back that is ! LOL

only a movie said...

Our first day is tomorrow... we have had some low key days going into it.

The weather has been lovely, however, I'm also looking forward to my new paycheck!

only a movie said...

Also, Mad Men was FANTASTIC last night.

Ms. George said...

I don't see actual breathing students until Monday, so it has been endless rounds of meetings for RTi and so forth. Have a great year!!!