Thursday, September 2, 2010


Isn't that a terrific invented word?! I learned it from the blog Fashionable Academics and the post in response to the Chronicle of Higher Education article about professor "hotness". (Special thanks to the awesome blog Academichic and its post about that article.)

I'm borrowing the term for my topic even though I'm not a professor because "teachartorialism" doesn't work as well. Since I voiced opinions about teenage student attire, the professional appearance of teachers is a fair discussion topic here.

Specifically in my suburban middle school environment, I like to dress for work.  "Dress for work" means I want to convey these messages:
- I am working, using my professional training and skills.
- Teaching is a profession, not a hobby.
- "Game on" is my work mode from 8am to 3:15pm on a school day.
- I like to express some of my personality, interests, and style through my clothing and accessories, but I do not want to distract students from learning.

Tricky balance on some days, but I think it's fun!


Literacy Teacher said...

I clicked on your blog and was cracking up b/c your music could be my theme songs. I love that Green Day song!! Plus, those three songs from the theater are my most played on the Ipod!

roller coaster teacher said...

That IS funny! Let me know if you have other good classroom songs :)