Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blurry February

This picture shows a bit of the scenery on our horse-drawn carriage ride during the local university's Winterfest event today, a fun start to our mid-winter break. Other festivities included ice skating and broom ball on the mostly frozen campus lake, "chili in a bag" and hot chocolate in the nearby campus apartment complex. (I learned only today that chili in a bag means pouring chili into a small bag of chips. Yep.) The 50 degree weather of the past two days was really just a dream. Today's Winterfest - cold and snowy - is our reality!

I think February's curriculum feels blurry in my mind right now because I'm on vacation and the last 3 days of school were extremely out of the ordinary for me. Wednesday I was home sick with a cold (heavenly, compared to the following 2 days), Thursday I was still sick but in school scoring standardized assessments (in a windowless, poorly ventilated basement room, armed with tissues, hand sanitizer, and profuse apologies to my scoring partner who was also sick), and Friday was full of hyper teenagers (and teachers), assorted classroom games, and grade-level assemblies full of obstacle course games in the over-heated and extremely loud gymnasium HURRAY.

Here's what stands out in my mind the most - the teacher blogger scandal. I don't even know how to begin to share my reaction. I just keep thinking about that teacher and all the other teacher bloggers I know, including me. I have thought about confidentiality and privacy probably every single time I posted on this blog. What else can I say? Just keep writing what's important to me as a teacher and human being.

On that note, I'll add that I do remember teaching editorial writing and the author suggestion letter in February. March will wrap up the author letter (in which students suggest new story ideas to authors) and charge into the RESEARCH unit! Yes, this year's research relates to COLLEGE EXPLORATION. Students will choose any college or university in the United States, research to answer the essential question "how does this school help students succeed?", and write a thesis paper!


Sue said...

I was just reading a lot about the teacher blogger. It is very uncomfortable. I love to write on my blog, and I probably share way more than I should. Her experience made me want to re-read every single post I've written over the last few years, just in case I was being mean and didn't realize it.
On the other hand, I'm not giving up blogging... even though I've been very lazy about it lately, I plan on getting back to writing!

roller coaster teacher said...

I know exactly what you mean, Sue! Thanks for continuing to read THIS blog and writing encouraging comments :) Good luck on your writing!

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