Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 2 of February break

[pictures deleted]

Today started extremely SUNNY! That's our front yard - shadows of my favorite tree, a birch. I didn't spend much time outside, as you can see my afternoon was occupied by this roasting endeavor. I bought the whole chicken from a local store called Farmers and Artisans that sells natural and healthy meats, produce, milk, and eggs. This chicken was processed/distributed by Murray's Chicken, and according to the tracking number, it grew up on lovely a farm in Pennsylvania.

In all the years that I lived in New York City apartments with my parents, I don't remember my parents ever using the oven to cook. Roasting is a new experience for me, and I enjoyed it enough today to want to buy a roasting pan soon. (I used Emeril's roasted chicken recipe on the Food Network web site - yummy!) It's really cheaper and WAY easier to buy a rotisserie chicken at our local supermarkets, but buying natural meats in a small store or from a farmer means cooking, which is better use of my time than, say, online shopping. Cooking is creating, just like writing or making greeting cards, and feels satisfying.

I wonder what my students have been doing? I think a few are on out-of-town vacations. Many are home. Several said, "I'm going to hang out with my friend." I haven't read a book yet, but I've read several magazines. (Just started using Zinio, digital magazine app for iPad - gorgeous!) I'm going to hang out with a few friends, too.

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