Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days 3 & 4

Lots of family, a little shopping, some eating, some TV and online entertainment. We'll shift gears the next 2 days into "social" mode - playdates and other social outings with friends.

I stopped in the public library this afternoon to return magazines (JUST in time - that one week lending period is so rigorous!). Found another magazine (I'm very picky and will only read the most current issues) and 2 nonfiction books - a cookbook by food columnist Mark Bittman (despite the daunting lack of photos, I found a tempting slow cooker recipe for "jook", Chinese rice congee that's really not my thing but should be easy to make with slow cooker) and a memoir by John Kralik 365 Thank Yous.

I hand-wrote probably hundreds of letters during my childhood and college/graduate school years to friends and family in the United States, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom - I sincerely wish I could collect those letters BACK to keep as a record of my life in those years. Despite my complete and happy immersion in digital communications and social media, I'd like to revive writing and mailing letters via United States Postal Service and actual STAMPS.

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