Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

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May this Year of the Rabbit bring you happiness and prosperity! In preparation for the lunar new year, we hosted a small party at home last weekend for a few of my daughter's classmates and their families. The decor was semi-homemade - I created the "spring" sign and purchased a few from Oriental Trading Co. The food was mostly homemade - baked egg rolls, cold sesame noodles, slow-cooked adobo chicken with rice, dumplings (frozen bag from Asian grocery), winter melon soup. Spring really isn't evident here yet, but I have hope!

Today's snow day is my new year's treat! Granted, we aren't buried (yet) by the snowstorm, but there was plenty of ice on the roads this morning, and right now the white stuff is a-swirling!

Current read: The Fellowship of the Ring! I tried to read it years ago but gave up because I started with the Prologue and gave up. Silly reader! Last week I found the audiobook (that does NOT read the Prologue) in my library, resulting in wonderful work commutes despite the weather, so now Middle Earth has taken over my mind. (Yes, I've seen the movie, but PUH-LEEZE!) Once again, I'm enjoying this dual auditory/visual reading experience - listening to some Shakespearean actor read aloud this heartbreaking and beautiful story to me when I'm driving to and from work, and reading the book (a colleague's discarded and neglected copy that's in my classroom library) when I'm not in the car. Sometimes I read parts that I listened to already, and sometimes vice versa. This was how I read The Lacuna and The Red Pyramid last year, and last month A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Oh! I haven't mentioned that yet, huh?! A Thousand Splendid Suns - so beautiful, so sad. The sadness didn't leave me for days after I finished reading the book. (Yet another example of how the audiobook pulled me into a story. I only listened to the first few chapters, then read the rest of the book in one evening.)

Hurray - our snow plow guy showed up (FINALLY! Yes, we're spoiled, but so is using soft facial tissue to blow your nose when you're sick, something my daughter really enjoys today) - very good timing because the snow is now horizontal. I'm sooooo happy NOT to be driving home from work right now, with or without audiobooks!

PS - Yesterday I forgot my book at school, something I hope my students didn't do. Being very lucky (it's the year of the rabbit, see?), I then bought the Lord of the Rings eBook series from the Kindle store to read on my iPad! Happy reading to you all!!!


DOPS said...

you mentioned adobo, are you also part filipino? =D

roller coaster teacher said...

No, I'm not :) But I enjoy most Asian foods that I've encountered, including adobo! I think I've tasted it before I tried this recipe, can't remember where exactly. Thanks for following and commenting on the blog!