Saturday, July 30, 2011


Typically I read very few books during July and August, my summer non-teaching months. I've noticed this personal reading trend over the past few years: reading in spurts of classroom/student related books from September through May (depending on when/how I find new books/authors/series), reading a LOT of books in June (when my mind acts out a pretend vacation despite the reality of working until the last day of June), then reading no more than 4 books in July and August when I have the most "free" time.

Usually at this point of the summer, I feel guilty about not reading books. Right now, I don't think I feel guilty. I just miss the satisfaction of being immersed in a good book. So I'm going to jump into the Book Whisperer Donalyn Miller's Book-a-Day challenge for August. Twitter folks provide a lot of inspiration - many tweet book titles and reviews for #bookaday :)

I need to start some book lists, request library items, strategize. Your suggestions are welcome, especially SHORT books - picture books, graphic novels, fiction or nonfiction!

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Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I'm finding the same thing. I've only read 3 books this summer vacation.

Book-a-day is really helpful for motivation and ideas. I always follow, but definitely love it during winter breaks when reading is my preffered activity.