Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Summer 2011 Top Ten (Working) List

#10 Late night TV - I really didn't start this until last week. I stayed up wayyyy late most of this summer doing other things - surfing internet, reading, Angry Birds, Netflix movies, etc. The best late night TV for me is Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" marathons on the Travel Channel (like right now when I'm typing #1 through 6 and 10).

#7 - Time alone, solitude, no need to take care of someone else, to fix something for something else, to do something for someone else. Time to think, rest, make decisions, plan, dream. Maybe I need this time alone more than others because I'm an only child (who is raising an only child). Summer is my sabbatical.

#6 - Knitting - I finished a purple hat and started a scarf. I started the hat at the end of June, right after I learned how to knit by watching YouTube videos. Occasionally I picked it up, knitted a few rows, stopped because I was bored. Then a few weeks ago I finished it in a huff and was so enamored with (the idea of) my handiwork that I started a scarf (that will be a surprise gift for someone) and bought more yarn to knit another hat, more scarves, and a tie. I knitted so much this past weekend that by Saturday night bedtime the muscles in my forearms and the back of my hands started to tingle, and I woke up with searing aching muscle pain in those parts in the middle of the night and needed an ibuprofen to get back to sleep. There is something really special about creating a common but utilitarian object.

#5 - Time with my daughter, to hang out and do nothing at home, to drive her to violin lessons/piano lessons/soccer games/playdates, to watch her aggressive nature (usually not evident) materialize on the soccer field and in the swimming pool, to obsess about nail polish and give ourselves mani's and pedi's in our home "salon", to watch her immersed in reading books, to shop at the malls and discuss/debate fashion styles, to cook lunches and dinners for her, and so forth.

#4 - Summer cooking, using a lot of summer veggies from local farms; favorite dishes include cabbage tomato soup, salsa, tuna fish cucumber boats, 

#3 - Writing workshop with two friends that resulted in about 30 handwritten pages of stories of my childhood in Taiwan

#2 - Reading 23 books - including Forever, Beauty Queens, Athletic Shorts, and many picture books by Jane Yolen and Allen Say (prompted by my participation in the Book-a-day challenge and the 2011 Reading Challenge on Goodreads.com)

#1 - New England vacation in early July, our road trip through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

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