Monday, September 5, 2011


I fully subscribe to the 10,000 hours rule in Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers. 

These are the two hats I knitted during the summer. I started the purple hat at the end of June and finished it a few weeks ago. I knitted the other hat yesterday in about 8 hours. The main difference between these 2 hats (that shows I learned something) is the type of yarn - for the second hat, I used bulky yarn that makes knitting easier and faster.

I'm in the middle of knitting a scarf (worsted weight, NOT bulky, taking FOREVER to finish). I thank YouTube for many many MANY knitting videos! (I also thank Debbie Macomber for The Shop on Blossom Street that inspired me to learn to knit last June.)

I knitted this flag pin in about an hour, using a free pattern I found on Mine is raggedy all over! I had to hot glue the yarn end to the corner area. The back is a mess. It was extremely frustrating to create, a total mess of yarn to manage (due to 3 colors, small areas, my lack of skills, etc.).

The satisfaction of creating a common useful object is unparalleled, despite my husband's reminder that "they have machines that do that". The main difference between knitting and writing is editing - I can't "edit" (correct mistakes, change pattern, etc.) during knitting like I can change writing. When I become more experienced with knitting, I'll probably know how to correct dropped stitches and other problems. I've had the opportunity to make design decisions/changes while knitting the scarf - colors, stripes, etc.

I plan to bring my knitting work - both finished and in-progress pieces - to show students and make connections about learning new skills, practice, mistakes, creativity, rules, and real-life MATH. Did you know there's a LOT of math involved in knitting???

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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Literacy Teacher said...

Looks great. I am reading that series of books right now!

Hope your first day was great!