Sunday, October 23, 2011

work and play

Play - The Lion King - Incredible. Priceless. Stunning. Breathtaking. We sat in fourth row seats on an aisle through which animals/actors paraded. (A hyena screamed at my daughter.) I've seen the show once before and didn't expect to fall in love with it again, but I did.

Work - I think I'm moving in a good rhythm. The four day schedule and my 20 classes are manageable mainly because classes remain small, average 8 students (range from 2 to 14). My first unit was literary elements review, now short stories. The short stories unit focuses on characterization and setting. Each unit includes language/word study, such as apostrophe use and commas. Really, I said commas.

I'm starting a dialogue workshop to help the study of comma use in narrative dialogue. Students work with partners to write the conversation that follows a prescribed scene. Scene example: "During lunch, Alex went to the lavatory, came back, and found his snack missing from the table. His friends were still sitting there, talking and laughing." After students write the dialogue, they check punctuation, especially commas, then present their writing to the class, which will in turn evaluate how well commas were used.

That's Plan B, created after they (we) were so bored by editing exercises - find the errors in these sentences, fix them, etc.

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Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Thanks for the awesome suggestion of comma usage. We're about to start a big unit on dialogue since all 5 of my classes are doing NaNoWriMo this year!