Saturday, December 17, 2011

sock it to me

Yes, I finished knitting one sock! Started October 24, finished tonight. I waited several weeks to finish the last third of the sock because I just ran out of steam, thinking about these things: a-whole-nother sock to knit, not knowing how to start the gusset that my knitting class instructor actually did for me, and lovely socks I just BUY in any STORE. (I love that expression - "a-whole-nother". I really don't care it's not correct.) Last two days I just pushed ahead, resolved to finish ONE sock even if that's all the sock I ever knit.

Right now I won't even bother to make connections to writing or any other creative process because I'm just so happy I finished knitting this one lovely sock!


sammann276 said...

That is a beautiful sock. Maybe you could turn it into a puppet if you can't make a pair for it??

H said...

Beautiful! Nicely done! Do you want to come over and help me finish L's sweater now? ;-)

roller coaster teacher said...

Sock puppet is a great idea!

H, you inspired me to start this sock, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot inspired me to finish :)