Thursday, March 8, 2012

more than words

There's no one thing I can say to express adequately what I think and feel about the teaching profession in our country today. Generally I try to focus on teaching and books in this blog, with some personal notes on travel, nature, and family thrown in for fun. Yet not saying anything about the politics of education seems more and more ridiculous with every post.

Diane Ravitch's recent article hits home: How to Demoralize Teachers. (Exactly a year ago I posted here a video of Ms. Ravitch on The Daily Show talking about teachers and proclaimed her as "my new hero". She's still my hero.)

Here's the mind-boggling, close to home, real life example of a train wreck: "Teachers affirm stance on student attendance".

This is what I attended last Friday evening: "Teachers rally against state aid cuts".

Though I run short of words on this topic, I have much to do, to learn, to teach, to vote, to live and love and laugh and hope.

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