Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring break 2012

Seabrook Island, SC was the locale of this dream vacation. I found a new religion there - DOLPHINS.

Easter sunrise

We biked quite a lot around the island - pretty sights and good exercise.

My favorite activity was strolling the beach.

Inlet at the northern end of the beaches on Seabrook Island, looking north at nearby Kiawah Island. This inlet is a well known location for dolphins to gather at low tide for "strand feeding".

Screen cap photo of dolphins in the video below

My crowning glory as amateur videographer - dolphins strand feeding

Just a few additional words about the dolphin strand feeding video - dolphins in the Carolinas are known for this method of "herding" fish to shore, then enjoying a nice feast. The first 35 seconds of the video show my view of some dolphins swimming near shore; you can hear me whisper-chat with a boy who was walking next to me toward this group of dolphins. The other spectators (including my family) gathered at this popular strand feeding location were about 50 feet behind us, looking at other dolphins swimming nearby. Around 37 seconds into the video, in the upper right corner of my frame, the dolphins spring into action! Needless to say, I feel extremely fortunate to see this action in person SO close AND capture it on video.

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