Wednesday, May 9, 2012

INSURGENT has arrived

The saga of this arrival: I pre-ordered the book from Barnes and Noble on April 20 and eagerly awaited the May 1 release. BN emailed me on May 1 stating my book was just shipped. It arrived today. I started email correspondence with BN customer service four days ago, stating my extreme disappointment at such a long wait for a pre-order of the sequel to a bestselling novel. BN replied that this was "an unacceptable delay" and offered two options - replacement or cancellation/refund. What do you think I chose?

The book posed for a few glamour shots on my front steps after its arrival. I haven't started reading it yet, initially because we were busy with piano lessons, dinner, errands, etc. and now just so I can enjoy the anticipation a bit longer and NOT stay up late to read. Tomorrow, however, I promise to parade through school and among students with this in my hands, smug and reading.

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