Sunday, May 6, 2012

Interesting times in education

When I try to mentally step back and survey the landscape of public education today for an objective point of view, this is my best effort: What an interesting time to work in education! That's a very bland statement, but it's a start, and maybe in a few years I can say something insightful and coherent.

I baked a pineapple cake to share with colleagues when we scored the 8th grade ELA assessment written responses. Yes, the animals ate the pineapple (cake).

I don't have much to say here (yet) about the upcoming teacher performance evaluation system using standardized test scores except show you an alternative career potential if/when I'm evaluated as an ineffective teacher.

This above is a cowl scarf that I crocheted, the fourth one so far, for a colleague who saw the first one I made and asked me to make one for her. (I started a fifth one last night.) I don't have much patience for repetitive work, but the beauty of this line of variegated yarn called Liberty Wool (by Classic Elite Yarns) keeps me going. This one below is the second one I made, just for me:

Last but not least, a sign of spring, hope, and life. I worried that the recent wacky weather would hinder these pink blossoms from appearing on the small tree in our front yard, but they're here!

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