Sunday, May 27, 2012

Literacy Olympics

Literacy Olympics has been a fun, post-assessment adventure! My colleague (who teaches the same remedial course as I do) and I are co-planning/teaching this unit that combines some literacy basics (parts of speech, homophones, commonly misspelled words, and root words) with games. We combine our smaller classes who then compete against each other; within the larger classes, we divide the class into two teams that compete against each other. I brought in some stuffed animals (such as Webkinz, remember those?) from home that my daughter no longer wanted, and let teams choose "mascots". (We still can't believe how much middle school students LOVE to cuddle stuffed animals in class. No, I won't be taking them back home with me.)

Students review each topic (parts of speech, etc.) on "training day", then answer questions in game show format on "competition day". Some games involve writing answers on the Smart Board or dry erase boards. We add in some physical challenges, such as a simple ball toss or ping pong for extra points.

"Sparkle" is the most popular game so far! It's a combination of spelling bee and mum-ball. I don't think I've ever seen students try so hard to spell correctly!

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