Sunday, June 17, 2012


This last month of the school year is special, perhaps like the days/hours/minutes right before a wedding. Our school building faces so many new challenges next year - teacher positions cut, teams reduced and rearranged, larger classes, new principal. Add to those losses the new "common core learning standards" and new curriculum, and this year really stands out for me. Based on the newly released teaching assignments/schedules for next year, I'll be in the same position next year, teaching a remedial English Language Arts course for the fifth year in a row. My lessons/units change every year anyway, so the curriculum changes are a welcome shift for me. But the staff changes are painful, and the political atmosphere for educators is dismal.

Time to recharge. Here's last night's game at Coca-Cola Field in downtown Buffalo, where the Buffalo Bisons eventually lost to the Pawtucket Red Sox. Happy June, everyone!

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