Thursday, October 25, 2012

News story summaries

Informational text is all the rage, yes? Hmm, depends on whom you ask. This article presents opposing points of view: "Fiction vs. nonfiction smackdown".

We've been studying news stories and how to summarize them, using articles from, my go-to source for informational text that engages student interest and are easy to use in instruction. Last week I chose 4 short articles, divided students into 4 groups, and gave each group an article. I modeled how to pull out the key details - who, what, where, when, why/how - and present a summary. The groups worked together to read, identify key details, and present summaries. This week students worked independently and used computers to search for articles on that web site. I insisted that each student in the class had a unique article. Students searched, read, identified key details, and presented their summaries to the class. During presentations, they stood next to the SmartBoard that showed the article on the web site, which showed a photograph and allowed us to "fact check" on the spot.

I've taught this unit before, and it always highlights student interest in news stories and struggles in identifying key details. Since this is a news story unit, I teach them to look for narratives that feature some newsworthy current event. Their two main challenges are identifying the newsworthy event itself and understanding cause/effect relationships in the story.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Banned Books Week

I created a special bookshelf display for Banned Books Week, only to discover I don't have that many challenged/banned books in my classroom library. I had to borrow some Harry Potter and Twilight series books from a colleague! In some classes, students saw the display and asked about it before I mentioned anything. They were all interested to know what it is and what books have been challenged/banned (and why).

The ALA web site is a great resource for Banned Books Week! It helped me explain why I care and why they should care about banned and challenged books.