Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brand new day

I will follow this rule of literature - no one cares to read happy stories all the time - and explain that I wrestled with the monster of standardized testing for six months, during which time it stun-gunned my sunny outlook on life, and I karate-chopped my way out of cruel and unusual mazes. After many zig-zag twists and turns and one blind-faith leap into a new dimension called High School English, I'm back in the blog while resting in a meadow filled with daisies, sunflowers, dragonflies, and bunnies, just for a short time.

Here in the meadow, I'm reading The Fault of Our Stars by John Green. The contrasts of grief and humor, life and death, profound and profane, all feel just right.

Speaking of places far from (my) daily battles in public education, the first picture below is Kiawah Island, South Carolina last April, and the second features my mother in Moscow, Russia a few days ago.

Enjoy your meadow days!

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