Saturday, September 14, 2013

New year, new job

My new job - high school English teacher - is going well! Enjoyable, challenging, purposeful. After ten years of teaching middle school, every day is an adventure in the high school (same district) where there are more familiar student faces than unfamiliar colleagues. I have about 110 students in the English 10 course and 60 in the AIS course (remedial/support, mix of all four grade levels within every section), so "information overload" is my middle name right now. The school day schedule is earlier, 5:30 am is my wake-up, 10:00 pm is bedtime, and "tired" hits me AFTER I arrive home and eat a hearty snack, which can be remedied by a nap.

Big kids! No doubt, big kids, big kid problems. Thankfully, we have literature, we have language, we have words, and we'll get to work.

Photos from my visit at the Chautauqua Institution with friends to see Paul Simon and Billy Collins in the amphitheater, where they talked about writing, read poetry, and played music. The second photo shows our attempt to stalk them after the event. We left Chautauqua with no close-up encounters with the stars but many, many words.

May your days be full of literature, language, and words.

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Lisa Roth Walter said...

I have always thought it would be cool to go to Chautauqua. As a new teacher, if you are looking for links to quick, inspirational, leadership-based videos, you can visit my blog - just simple and straight-up free ideas.
Welcome to the rollercoaster world of education!